Regular Tickets

City Bus Regular Tickets(¥)

Adult 210
Child 100


City Bus Regular Ticket

Money can also be inserted into the fare boxes on city buses.
There is a surcharge when riding the express and late night buses.

Subway Regular Tickets(¥)

  Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5
Adult 200 240 270 300 330
Child 100 120 130 150 160


Subway Regular Ticket

For information about subway tickets, please refer to Subway.

※Refunds are available for unused tickets. (100 yen processing fee)

1 Day Ticket

These tickets allow for unlimited rides for one day.(Refunds are available for unused tickets. <100 yen processing fee>)

Types of 1 Day Tickets (Fare for children is approximately half the price as that for adults.)

Ticket Sales Locations

○:Available for purchase

  Regular 1 Day Ticket
  Bus Subway Combination Donichi Eco Kippu《Weekend Eco Ticket》 Bus Subway

Transportation Bureau Service Centers


Subway Stations(near the wicket)

City Bus Offices      
Onboard City Buses      


For more information about Transportation Bureau Service Centers, please refer to Information & Inquiries.
※ In addition to the above locations, some participating shops also sell tickets. For more information, please contact: (052) 972-3818 Sales Section, Sales Promotion Division, Transportation Bureau.

SHORYUDO Nagoya Subway & Bus 1-Day Ticket

SHORYUDO Nagoya Subway & Bus 1Day Ticket

Please use the convenient and economical “SHORYUDO Nagoya Subway & Bus 1-Day Ticket” for travelling within Nagoya.

City buses logo

ThisTicket allows unlimited rides on Nagoya City buses, subways, and the “Me~guru” Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus.(City buses have the following logo on their front panel.)

・Price: 600 yen per ticket (adult tickets only) (2 ticket limit per person)
・Retail Location: Purchasable at the seven following locations,
    ・Chubu Centrair Int'l Airport, Meitetsu Travel Plaza
    ・Chubu Centrair Int'l Airport, Central Japan Travel Center
    ・Nagoya City Kanayama Tourist Information Center (Kanayama Station, Loop Kanayama 1F)
    ・Oasis 21 iCenter (Sakae Station, Oasis 21 B1F)
    ・Transportation Bureau Service Center (within Nagoya Station subway)
    ・Transportation Bureau Service Center (within Kanayama Station subway)
    ・Transportation Bureau Service Center (within Sakae Station subway)
・Eligibility: Non-Japanese passport holders with “Temporary Visitor” visa status. (You must show your passport and visa to purchase.)
・Please understand that this ticket can sell out.

○How to use the Ticket
・For subways, insert your ticket into automatic ticket gate. For buses, insert your ticket into the card slot and pass through.
・The ticket is only valid for the date printed on the back of the card.
・If this ticket is improperly used, it will be invalided and collected by our staff. You will then need to pay a separate fee equivalent to the ticket’s improper usage and an extra fee.
・The Transportation Bureau is not responsible if this ticket is lost or stolen.
・Refunds are available only for unused tickets at Transportation Bureau Support Centers (in Nagoya, Kanayama, and Sakae stations.) There will be a 100 yen processing fee.

・Please see the Nagoya City Transportation Bureau website for more information on how to use city buses and subways:
・For more information, please contact: (052)972-3816, Ridership Promotion Division,Transportation Bureau.(Japanese language only)